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Protocol is one of the earliest games set in the Corrupt Universe and was the first of the games to be released. It puts the player in a rebel cyclerider's position as she tries to escape the big city from persistent Lawbot forces that are trying to capture her due to crimes.


The rebel is confronted with Lawbots as she tries to escape a city on Regulus 7. She has committed crimes and must be sentenced to justice, but she refuses to give into their orders and proceeds to battle her way down the highway against forces using her modified blaster.

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Enforcers in pursuit

Players are faced with 32 waves of lawbots as she tries to defeat them all and escape. At the end of the game, she is confronted by a Lawbot Enforcer X, a very high ranking unit. She then defeats it and rides away to freedom.


Protocol was made for Devi Ever's Cyberpunk Jam. It was made over a week. It placed 2nd place overall and was well recieved post jam. A few websites wrote about Protocol, including

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