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Skolgbor is one of the Corrupt Universe's later games in the timeline. It follows the events of the individual Skolgbor as it awakens from inside a cave and makes its way back to the surface. Skolgbor takes place on the moon Rhavko Delta.


Players must aid Skolgbor in its trek outwards by dimming its goggles when Gaznogs fly by. Skolgbor is being spoken to by an unidentified individual as the game progresses.

Skolgbor screenshot

Skolgbor sleeps

Skolgbor eventually makes its way out of the cave and meets up with the individual. After a brief conversation they agree to head to the planet Tercon Major.


Skolgbor was initially developed for the popular game development jam, Ludum Dare. It was entered as a 72 hour jam entry. The theme was "Beneath the Surface".

Skolgbor's art, programming and music was created over the three days.

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